Rhydham has performed folk dances exclusively on international and national level. Dances are a form of lucid expression of human beings. Like the Indian culture, Indian folk dances are equally diverse in nature. Since 1998 it has organised and participated in events pertaining to Dance and Music. Rhydham has also had the pride and privilege of attending events in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Slovakia, Turkey, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Natherland, Hungary, UK, USA etc.

Internatial Folk Festivals Musical Events National Performances

Internatial Folk Festivals
Year :  2014 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2005

Year 2014
International Folk Dance Festival , France [ C.I.O.F.F ]– 2014

we have participated in International Folk Festival (Festival de confolence) from date 30th July 2014 to 10th August 2014.

Year 2012
International Folk Dance Festival in Dijon, France [ C.I.O.F.F ]– 2012

we have participated in International Folk Festival (Festes De La Vigne Dijon ) in Dijon city , France [C.I.O.F.F.] From Date 27th August 2012 to 4th September 2012

Year 2011
Folk Dance Festival in Poland and Hungary [ C.I.O.F.F ]– 2011

we have participated in 6th International Folk Fiesta Folk Fiesta in Nysa city , Poland -7th August to 14th August 2011 we have participated in 16th Royal Days International Folk Festival, székesfehérvár-Hungary (CIOFF) - 15th August to 21st August 2011.

Year 2010
Folk Dance Festival in Poland and Netherlands [ C.I.O.F.F ]– 2010

We have participated in 'XVI MIEDZYNARODOWY FESTIWAL FOLKLORU' (C.I.O.F.F.) in Brusy, Charzykowy, Chojnice, Wiele in Poland from 27th july to 1st august, 2010. 'PODLASKA OKTAWA KULTUR' (C.I.O.F.F.) from 22nd to 29th july, 2010 in Bialystok, Poland. 'SIVO Festival' (C.I.O.F.F.) Odoorn, Holland from 4th to 9th August, 2010.

Year 2009
Folk Dance Festival in Poland, Slovakia & Turkey [ C.I.O.F.F ]– 2009

We have participated in 12th International folk Dance festival and National Minorities “World Under Kyczera” in Poland, Slovakia and Gol Festival was held in Istanbul Turkey in 2009.

Year 2008
Folk Dance Festival in U.S.A. and Europe - 2008

Folk song & Navaratry Festiwal in U.S.A - 2008 We have participated in the navaratry Festiwal organized by Gujarati Samaj of New York, New jersey, Pennsylvania, Houston & Connecticut in U.S.A. in September, October 2008.

Year 2005
Folk Dance Performance in Singapore & Malaisiya - 2005

We have participated in Fareast Gujarati Samaj in Singapore and Malaisiya in the Year 2005.
Musical Events
As a part of event management we do various Programs like Musical Events, Sangeet sandhya, Dance compitition, Garba nights, Dandiya Ras, Navratri Programs, kids dance compititions and many more.
National Performances

National Folkdance Performance at Pragati Ground , New Delhi, 1999

Indian Classical Music concert , Townhall Gandhinagar-2000

National Folkdance Performance at Bhopal, 2001

National Folkdance Performance in Coimbatore , Chainnai, 2002

National Folkdance performance and competition at Solan, Simla, 2003

National Folkdance Performance at New Delhi 2005

Folkdance performance at Mumbai, 2006

Folkdance performance at Ramoji Film Studio, Haydrabad, 2006.

Folkdance performance at Ahmedabad,Gujarat, 2007

Folkdance performance in Gujarat Din at Gandhinagar , Gujarat 2007

Folkdance performance in vibrant Gujarat Festiwal, Science city, 2008

FolkMusic performance at gandhinagar in presence of Ex.vice prime minister Mr. L.k. Adavani, 2009

Folk Music performance at Dahegam,Kalol in presence of C.M. of Gujarat Mr. Narendera Modi, 2009

Folk performance at Gandhinagar sanskruti kunj the biggest folk fair held in Feb-2010

Folk Music performance in front of Mr.Narendra Modi the chef minister of Gujarat 2010

Folk Music performance at Governer bunglow,Circit House,Gandhinagar 2011

Folk Dance Mega –Show at Gandhinagar Town Hall – May-2011

Folk Dance performance Ganesh Mahotsav Gandhinagar – August 2011