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Welcome to Rhydham
From ancient times Dance in India has an unbroken tradition which unites different cultures and traditions, giving them the juncture to express about their feelings.

The Rhydham pulled off with the same attitude and the idea of giving everyone the opportunity to express what they feel through a very pure task of Indian culture “Dance”. Rhythm in India means the flow of music and we wanted people around the world to witness the flow of music with dance together. Established in 1998, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India by Balvant Sindha (me) and Dipal Sindha (my wife) ) headed forward with a motive to promote Indian art and culture, a motive to make the world feel the presence of “The Rhydham”.

“The Rhydham” proudly shares the magic of India’s dance and tradition through unprecedented, eccentric and zealous performances. We not only try to reflect the Indian culture, but indifferently impart the customs and traditions which have been going on for centuries to its portrayals.

We as a team, provide activities including classes, workshops and performances of folk dances, particularly those of Gujarat besides Folk songs, wedding events and Music classes. The Rhydham represents India and its culture letting it recognized Internationally. Our folk dance Troup has performed frequently in India and abroad, achieving great success apart from such appreciation it has won various rewards, bringing great attention from all over the world.